27 January - 5 February

ABB Math Challenge for 9th 10th and 11th grades

With a 10-day intensive math camp
1st Stage

Online Test

12 January

The first (Qualifying) stage wil consist of an online exam. Participants will be provided 10 questions to be solved and submited within 4 hours after the start of exam.

2nd Stage

Test with Proctoring

17-19 January

The second stage will be held on a hybrid format with a use of special platform under the supervision program organizers. Participants will be given 5 tasks to be completed within 4 hours.

3rd Stage


23-25 January

The third (final) stage of the challenge will be conducted in an interview format based on mathematical problems.

What will you gain upon completion of the program?

  • Enhance mathematical potential and problem solving capability
  • Discover new areas fueled by mathematical science
  • Become a part of mathematicians’ community
  • Learn from experienced seasoned math professionals


All participants will receive a certificate and Winners will be presented special award

1st Place

3000 AZN

2nd Place

2000 AZN

3rd Place

1000 AZN


No, ABB believes that cost should not be a barrier to participation. The program is FREE for all domestic students.

Expenses such as transfer and accommodation costs of the participants from the regions will be covered for the 10-day intensive mathematics trainings organized at the ABB Innovation Center.

The program is designed by international math experts to encourage participants to work collaboratively on a range of absorbing mathematical problems.These learnings skills are essential for success in various fields of digital era.

On the course, students will acquire knowledge in such mathematical topics as: number theory, probability theory, mathematical statistics, the beginning of mathematical analysis, geometry. They will also learn how to solve both theoretical and practical problems.

The program is designed mainly for students of 10th and 11th grades who are passionate about mathematics and technology. As well, strongly motivated 9th grade students can also apply to the program.

In the first stage there will be tasks in which it is tried to give a numerical and / or letter answer. At the second stage of the challange, in addition to the answer, a detailed solution must be provided. The third (final) stage of the challange will take place in the interview format

The first (Qualifying) stage will start on January, 12. The participants will be provided assignments to consisting of 10 tasks that will require an answer in the form of a digit and/or a letter. At this stage, 4 hours (since the start of exam) will be given to submit the answers. Each participant has only 1 attempt to start the solution.

The second stage will consist of exam organized with the use of proctoring system under the supervision of program organizers. The exam will include 5 assignments that are expected be completed within 4 hours (since the start of exam). For each task, it is necessary to provide a detailed solution.

The third (final) stage of the challange will take place in the interview format.

Students who have successfully passed the selection stages will be involved in intensive training which will be held at ABB Tech Academy Campus (Bayil Plaza, Gurban Abbasov Street, 29).

ABB Math Challenge will be held in Azerbaijani language.

If you have any questions other than those mentioned above, please contact ABB Call Center (937) or ABB Innovation social media accounts (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn). During the course, our program coordinators and mentors will help you more with any additional information that you may require.