Mobile Development for Kids

Mobile Development for Kids is an interactive starter program that will teach you how to build apps on mobile devices. Participants will acquire basic knowledge related to this field, develop algorithmic thinking skills and apply what they have learned to work on real world cases. The program is held on App Inventor and is designed for candidtes with basic understanding of computer and logical reasoning, who want to acquire rich knowledge and skills based on real examples.

The tuition fee for the Mobile Development program for children is 650 AZN.

Application to the program is currently not active
Start date

March 2023


2,5 - 3 ay

Group size

25-30 students


Saturday and Sunday from 10 AM to 1 PM

Admission requirements


Language skills

Knowledge of Azerbaijani and English language


To have a personal computer or a laptop


Mathematical and logical thinking

Upon the course completion you will::

General knowledge of programming

Basic concepts of mobile development

Algorithmic thinking skills

Learn how to use App Inventor

Be able to write applications for iOS platforms

To be able to write applications for Android platforms


Mobile Development for Kids

Number of modules

a. Basic knowledge

  • What is mobile development?
  • Where it can be used?
  • What is programming language?
  • Why we need it?
  • What will we learn?

b. Setup environment

  • Setup Google Classroom (create mail if needed)
  • Login App Inventor
  • Introduce App inventor
  • Run on device
  •   Variables
  •   Conditions
  •  Small tasks about conditions and variables


  • What is layout?
  • What is scroll?
  • What is stack?
  • Vertical and Horizontal layout


  • What is button?
  • What is event?
  • IWhy we need events?
  • Checkbox and Radio difference.
  • Showing images


Demo app with all components


  • What is list?
  • Where can we use it?
  • Why we need lists?


  • What is loop logic?
  • Usage of loop

Small tasks about loops

  • Listing elements
  • Show with real apps how used
  • How the list is used in real apps
  • Demo app with list view

Date and Time importance.

A Little information about time zones

Date and Time Picker component

  • How to use it

Demo app with date and time picker

  • Slider
  • Switch
  • Text Box (with Password type)
  • Demo app with all learned components
  • What are coordinates (X, Y)
  • Creating color bar
  • Demo app with canvas (paint app)
  • Using map components
  • Map coordinates
  • What is latitude and longitude?
  • Coordinates in real apps
  • Demo app with maps
  • How to import extensions?
  • Weather app extension
  • Demo app with weather extension
  • Using contact picker
  • Phone number picker
  • Email types
  • Sharing
  • Demo app with contacts
  • Using camera
  • What is QR?
  • Generate QR codes
  • Barcode, QR scanner
  • Demo app with camera and QR scanner
  • Music player tools 
  • Demo app with music player
  • Navigate screens
  • Navigation structure
  • Questions and Practice session
  • Creating new game
  • Creating new game