Web development for kids

The training program aims to help young IT enthusiasts to develop themselves in the this field  and introduce them the basics of the front-end development profession. Our program is designed mainly on practical learnings under thorough supervision of mentors during the educational process. By the end of the course each student is expected to develop new skills and be able to apply them on a real world project.

The total tuition fee for the web development program for kids is 650 AZN.

Application to the program is currently not active
Start date

March 2023


2,5 - 3 month

Group size

25-30 students


Saturday and Sunday from 10 AM to 1 PM

Admission requirements


Language skills

Knowledge of Azerbaijani and English languages


To have a personal computer or a laptop


Be prepared for intensive training

Upon the course completion you will::

Understanding the technologies used in web development

Learn the difference between HTML and CSS and what each is used for

Familiarity with the basics of the front-end developer profession

Become a part of young IT community

Develop new skills that can be able to applyed on a real world cases

Ability to design a website with HTML and CSS


Web development for kids

Number of modules

  • What is Internet? Which programming languages are you going to learn?
  • Differences of programming languages. What is website?
  • Website builders (Wix, Wordpress etc)
  • Wix. Wix elements, sections
  • Creating new website with wix
  • HTML ; CSS
  • An Introduction to HTML (Editors, Basic) ; An Introduction to CSS (How to)
  • HTML Elements, Attributes; CSS Selectors (class, id)
  • CSS - Inline, Internal, External
  • HTML Headings, Paragraphs; CSS Colors, Background, Fonts
  • HTML Shapes, Boxes (div, section), Images; CSS Width, Height, Borders
  • HTML Images, Link; CSS Padding, Margin
  • HTML Lists, Buttons; CSS Display
  • HTML Tables
  • CSS Flex
  • CSS Hover Selector, Transition and Animation
  • Transform, Media Queries, Responsive
  • Project

  • What is Javascript, JavaScript history,  Syntax review, Variable declaration
  • JS Operators, Types
  • DOM Elements (id, class, element, tag)
  • Condition states
  • Loops and iteration
  • Project