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ABB Tech Academy is an educational initiative of ABB based on the methodology developed by center for training of IT professionals «DAN IT education». The education program is based on the Israeli method for training IT-personnel – Telem.

Currently the Academy provides immersive bootcamp programs covering main areas of coding. 

ABB Tech Academy is established within the framework of the ABB’s corporate social responsibility strategy.

ABB Tech Academy’s mission is to develop the Azerbaijani IT market in accordance with technology of the future to achieve technological breakthroughs through cultivating new generation of professionals.

We offer

Studying at ABB Tech Academy is a chance to embody yourself in one of the most evolving industries of digital era – information technology.

The Academy is open for everyone who wants to try out programming. It is a great opportunity even for applicants who have never coded before to build a successful future career as a programmer.

Currently Azerbaijani IT sector is seeing a rapid growth. Seize the moment exploring the world of tech to be the first to pave the way to a highly-paid and promising profession of the future.

After completion of immersive bootcamp program the participants will:


obtain a new profession in 3 months during intensive studies


get a full stack of skills in one of areas


be able to create an attractive portfolio and a СV for potential employers


tune self-presentation and project showcase skills


gain self-confidence and improve soft-skills


learn about international experience, well-known companies cases, receive practical advice for their future career


have a chance to get a job from ABB (for top performers)

Our courses

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is one of the most promising management professions for the next five to seven years. The course program is designed to prepare high-quality specialists in the field of digital marketing and online advertising. After graduation, graduates will be able to start work.

UI/UX design

There is a certain stack of knowledge that is required to work as a designer in large companies in Azerbaijan and the world. Our program provides it in full. In our UI/UX design course, you will master all the relevant and effective tools by working on real projects.

QA Automation

The course is intended for beginners who previously had no experience in software testing, or had a minimum of knowledge.

You will learn everything about how to automate the testing process in a Selenium project, become fully proficient in test management models and techniques, and you will also know the basics of the popular and widely demanded Java programming language.

Machine Learning

Machine learning and its methods can help you training neural networks to identify patterns and interpret any project or business benefit results. 

Our course will help you master artificial intelligence basics, refresh the mathematical framework in your memory, and give you a complete toolkit for working with neural networks.

Fundamentals of DevOps

This course covers all the fundamentals of DevOps principles and tools. You will hear buzzwords such as CI/CD, pipelines, Jenkins, Docker, containers, cloud and Kubernetes. This course will guide you through all these topics and help you understand why we need to use them, what each of them really does.

Cyber Security&Sysadmin

IT professionals play an essential role in any computer-based environment. Trained to handle challenges within the computer systems, networks, and storage systems, IT professionals are seen as the first line of defense against common cyber threats. In today’s cyber landscape, the demand for industry-ready IT professionals is growing at an exponential rate. Having a specialization in cybersecurity advances job candidates into a much-needed niche.

Data Analytics

he course is perfect for anyone who already has the basic technical knowledge but would like to be a pro in Business and Data Analytics.

During selection for training, the advantage will be given to those students who are already familiar with Computer Science.

The program modules cover important topics sequentially, ranging from server databases and maintenance to concepts of data warehouses and basic reporting tools.


FrontEnd is a visible part of a website or a web-application, it’s something that each user deals with every single day.

This course should be chosen if you are interested in working with interfaces, JavaScript and pages appearance overall.


BackEnd specialist’s work is connected with websites, programs and web-applications remote part – everything related to file servers and databases.

Students will work with Java. Lack of BackEnd specialists on IT-market is the reason of strong demand and highly competitive salaries.

Mobile App Development

We face mobile applications every day with our smartphones turned on. Therefore, any programmer, regardless of how advanced in technologies, has to understand the basics of creating applications.

Mobile Development course is designed for both those who really want or like to program and those who want to focus on this particular area.

Teachers and Mentors

Alexey Rykhalskiy

Lead solution architect

Has started in programming in 1987, and in 1991 has already written the first custom program. He graduated from Kyiv Polytechnic University, and by 1998 he already knew such languages ​​as Basic, Assembler, Fortran, Pascal, Modula2, C, C ++, Delphi. Now he is working on Scala, Java, TypeScript, JavaScript, and Elixir. His interest area includes Banking, Industrial Automation, Call-centers, Contact-Centers, etc.

Nikita Yamnyk

Full Stack web developer

Studied “Audio and Film Technology” in Kharkiv, but after graduation has moved to Kyiv and changed his professional field into a technical. Has finished the Java Full Stack Programming Course. Has been working as a mentor for a long time, but later took up commercial projects and their coordination. Now he works as a technical manager in DAN. IT education center.

Dmitry Zapisochny

Senior frontend developer in MaFactory

Has graduated from the Kyiv Polytechnic Institute with a degree in “Editing and Publishing”, but retrained from humanities into technical specialists. Three years after graduation, together with his friend opened a web studio and started working in developing. For the past 5 years, he has been fond of combat sambo and reading books on psychology.

Alexander Buslayev

Senior Windows Systems Administrator

Alexander Buslayev received his bachelor’s degree from the Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University. He worked as a system administrator in various companies both in Azerbaijan and Georgia. Currently, Alexander continues his professional activity at Randstad Technologies USA in Los Angeles, CA.
He supports continuous professional development, and his numerous certificates and accomplishments are the real justification for this.

Daniel Anderson

Software Engineer, Data Scientist

Daniel Anderson began his career in IT with a degree in Programming and Computer Science from ORT Colleges. While working in various positions after the graduation, he was admitted to the Open University of Israel in 2013 and received his bachelor degree in Computer Science in 2019.
Daniel currently works as a BackEnd Engineer and Data Scientist at Nutrino and holds a position of Chief Training Officer at Wawiwa Tech Training.

Training program


The training program is based on the Israeli method for training IT-personnel - Telem. This is a comprehensive individual approach to a student:

In the beginning a candidate is profiled, his strengths and weaknesses are determined , personal motivation is taken into account

A candidate is getting tested and interviewed orally

Step-by-step training: at the start basic skills are studied, then - technology concepts and specific technologies in practice

The key principle is a project-based training, practical exercises evading boring lectures

No lectures and workbooks during classes - only tasks and challenges of various complexity level to be solved

The students will always have a support - the Academy uses a mentoring system

Throughout their studies, students implement projects to consolidate their learning

Training process

Students will be divided into groups, which over the course of 3 months will intensively study in 2 different programming areas

Each group will be assigned to the experienced teacher from the same programming area. All the teachers are real experts who work for DAN.IT education and have at least 10 years of experience in the IT industry

The course mentors are also responsible for the students. The mentors task is to address students’ issues regarding technical part of training. In their spare time the mentor and the teacher have to respond students’ requests and help to absorb the material effectively

Groups are supervised by the facilitators. These people are responsible for organizational aspects of training, agenda, course schedule, facilities, equipment, etc. Students may contact their facilitators with a request to solve every day and motivational issues

At the end the best students, who have proven themselves, will receive an employment. The ABB representatives will make job offers

To become a student



On the stage of application submitting all candidates have to fill in personal information and answer a few questions.


Interview and Enrollment

The final stage of selection is a profession-oriented online interview with the course authors. Potential students need to make a introduction, and the committee determine a personal predisposition to learning. Candidates who pass the interview stage can be tested for technical knowledge and skills.

Inquiry Form

We advise to specify a Gmail email address


Dear candidate!

Unfortunately, admission to the program ended on April 18, 2021. :(

We look forward to your application for the next launch in the ABB Tech Academy.


Should the candidate be a citizen of Azerbaijan?
Only Azerbaijani citizens can participate in the scholarship program.
What is the best age for training?
You can apply for the program from the age of 18. The key factor for us is your desire to study. However, priority will be given to senior high school students and graduates.
What knowledge should a candidate have?
The trainings can be joined by people who want to develop themselves in various areas of information technology and follow modern trends. However, any additional knowledge and skills related to coding are an advantage for the candidate.
What's the language of the training?
What is the format of the trainings?
The trainings will be traditionally held offline. However, due to the current situation in the country, online training may be preferred.
Is the program paid?
Students who show high results in admission in each direction will have a chance to win a scholarship (free education). In addition, there is an opportunity to study on a paid basis. The tuition fee for program UI/UX design 1950 AZN; the tuition fee for program Digital Marketing 1750 AZN.
Is it possible to pay the tuition fee partially?
Tuition fee must be paid fully prior to the start of the program. Moreover, the ABB offers a loan to pay tuition fee for ABB Tech Academy students. Loan terms: Annual interest rate - 12%; Term - Up to 36 months (A six-month grace period or without grace period); Commission fee - None. Requirements to the borrower: To be a citizen of the Republic of Azerbaijan; To have an official income or loan processing can be made in the name of 1st degree family members with official income; Work experience must be minimum 6 months; The minimum age limit must be 18 and the maximum age period must not exceed 70 at the end of the loan period.
What is duration of the training?
The duration of training varies depending on the curriculum. The duration of training varies from 2.5 to 4 months, depending on the program. You can get detailed information about the programs in the "Programs" section onweb page.
Whom can I ask for help?
In the process of selection you may address your questions to the program initiators using contacts below. During the course each group is assigned to the mentor and course facilitator, who can help with technical and personal issues.
Can bank employees participate in the program?
There are not any restrictions on the participation of bank employees in the program.
Can candidates who participated in the previous admission but did not pass the exam participate again?
Yes, there are no restrictions on re-application.
Can candidates who have already completed their education at the academy apply to another program?
Yes. However, our students studying on scholarships in the previous programs at the Academy will not be able to participate in the scholarship program for the second time.
What is the schedule of training programs?
You can get detailed information about the programs in the "Programs" section of the website.