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For better education and future

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Data Analytics - 2

This course is very suitable for anyone who has technical base knowledge and is working on professional development in the field of business analytics, data analysis. Preference will be given to students familiar with computer science. The Data Analytics course is integrated into the modern world of data analysis and fully prepares the student for market challenges for the next 5 years. Everyone who successfully completes the program will receive the necessary tools to enter the world of information technology. As a professional in the field of business analytics, he will be able to analyze a large amount of data and apply their results in business.

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Product Owner - 2

The Product Owner, who is responsible for working with Product Management and other parties, plays an important role in maximizing the value produced by the development team, which is the customer representative. No agile team can work effectively without a Product Owner who, despite the agile and fast pace of product development, ensures that the team maintains a unified view of the product. Our course is designed for beginners who want to feel the motivation to develop a new product, assess the value of the business, prioritize the features of the product. The combination of interactive trainings throughout the course will help you gain practical experience as a Product Owner and prepare for the Agile software development task.

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Scrum Master

Our Scrum Master Training Program is a comprehensive educational experience designed for individuals aspiring to become effective Scrum Masters. In this program, you will gain a deep understanding of Scrum principles, roles, and practices. Our experienced instructors will guide you through hands-on exercises and workshops to ensure you are well-prepared for real-world scenarios. Whether you are a project manager, team leader, or simply passionate about agile methodologies, this program equips you with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in agile project management. Join us on this learning journey and take a significant step toward becoming a certified Scrum Master

Training process

After the registration process for the ABB Tech Academy is open, candidates apply for the relevant program on the website. Initially, during the registration, the applicant writes a motivation letter and then goes through the next selection stages.

Candidates who show high results in the selection process participate in the final stage, interview. Candidates who successfully complete the entire selection process are admitted into the program groups accordingly.

During the training period, students participate in both theoretical and practical trainings. The trainings are conducted by local and international instructors. Mentoring support is provided to students in completing their assignments and projects, throughout the process.

Graduates who successfully complete the course are provided with certificates, and simultaneously starts the recruitment process of graduates. On the other hand “Career Day” sessions are organized jointly with the ABB and partner companies.

Current students
To become a student

The candidate enters the necessary information about himself/herself in the application form, and also answers other questions mentioned in the form. In order to conduct the admission process in a timely and complete manner, please be sure that the information you entered during the application is correct.

Admission to interviews and courses

At the last stage, candidates are interviewed by the training organizers. The interview is conducted online. Each candidate provides detailed information about himself/herself and the commission evaluates his individual interest in the training. Candidates who pass the interview stage can also be tested for technical knowledge and soft skills.